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Using Rainmeter with dynamic monitor setup

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Using Rainmeter with dynamic monitor setup

Post by Paladin193 »

In short, I use a laptop as my primary computer, and connect it to a monitor when at home. The monitor becomes my primary screen, and the laptop my secondary. Ideally, I would like skins to remain static on the laptop screen when transitioning, but so far this has not been possible. Either my skins are positioned properly on the laptop alone but get messed up when the monitor is added, or they are positioned properly in the double configuration and messed up when in single configuration. Any advice for maintaining position when a new monitor is added or removed?

Notes: both monitors are used at 1080p resolution, and I much prefer the monitor as my primary when available because it is a higher quality screen than my laptop.
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Re: Using Rainmeter with dynamic monitor setup

Post by Jeff »

Use the lil Display Monitor dropdown to make the meters be positioned relative to the selected monitor instead of still being calculated from the primary one, also if they ever come back to the main monitor, untick either Keep on Screen or Snap to Edge (idk which one, you test that).
That should be about all, just know that the skins are still there so if you have a laggy visualizer it will still take up your CPU power even if you don't see it.