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Install Plugin

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Install Plugin

Post by JohnSmiff »

i usually don't consider myself totally noob, but in this case i seem to be :uhuh:

I'd like to use the system temperature monitor
and i managed to put it on my desktop. it shows zero for all devices.

i found via google the coreTemp plugin
and got the impression this might fix the zeros.

how do i install it?
googling "install rainmeter plugin" lands me on which doesnt tell.

I also installed & run CoreTemp 1.15.1
running it gives me a warning "PliginNetInterface-x64.dll: Failed to load plugin" and wont make the zeros of Rainmeter turn tu the numbers i see in the CoreTemp app.

anyone can guide me on how to get the coreTemp of Rainmeter showing the correct numbers?
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Re: Install Plugin

Post by balala »

JohnSmiff wrote: October 27th, 2019, 7:07 pm how do i install it?
You don't have to install this plugin, because it is included into Rainmeter. If you have installed Rainmeter, you also have installed the plugin.
If it doesn't work, you might try a clean installation of Rainmeter: