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Help with achieving a simple skin

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Re: Help with achieving a simple skin

Post by balala »

Jose Hidalgo wrote:
October 16th, 2018, 8:56 pm
In my defence, I am sick right now (flu, fever, etc.), I have barely slept since 3 days, so my brain is trying to recover.
I wish you to get better.
Jose Hidalgo wrote:
October 16th, 2018, 8:56 pm
Problem solved, thank you guys. It seems to work perfectly now.
About the posted code, it seems it works all right, but I had to modify it a bit, because the icons didn't appear. It seems you've moved your icons into the @Resources\Icons folder, which is a very good step. The best place for all this kind of resources is really the @Resources folder.

One single small issue there is: if the skin is placed over a light background, the temperatures are hardly visible. This issue has a very simple solution: just replace the FontEffectColor=0,0,0,50 option of the String meters with FontEffectColor=0,0,0. This makes the fonts more visible even on white background.

And one more: you never have to include the options into quotes. They are not needed, being ignored by Rainmeter. For example you don't need the quotes into the Path option of the Image meters. So, there is no need for this: Path="#@#Icons" , Path=#@#Icons is completely enough. Details for example: