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Audio not working

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Re: Audio not working

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Thank you So much for your time! It works! Thank you for your help! :thumbup:
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Re: Audio not working

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AviusHD wrote:Thank you So much for your time! It works! Thank you for your help! :thumbup:
Glad to help.

I would immediately use Take Ownership on your entire C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86), C:\Users\YourName\Documents and C:\Users\YourName\Appdata folders.

There are some files on your system, in the root and the Windows folder, for instance, that you probably should NOT be the owner of. However, in those folders above, you should ALWAYS be the owner. In general the entire C:\Users\YourName\ folder should belong to you, and unless you have multiple accounts that install software, the Program Files* folders should be yours as well.

I don't know what backup software you use, but in TrueImage, which is what I use, there is a setting you can change when you restore files and folders individually, That is a toggle between "maintain folder/file ownership attributes from the backup" or "set folder/file ownership attributes to the current account". This is only going to be an issue after a "clean" install of Windows, where whatever super-secret hidden number that Windows assigns to accounts will have changed. The "name" of the account is not a certainty that Windows sees the two accounts as the "same thing".