Recording and Reviewing Memory usage by % and CPU by %

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Recording and Reviewing Memory usage by % and CPU by %

November 12th, 2017, 5:53 pm
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Good morning Guys, I want to start using Rainmeter both on my home computers and on my Work computer. I have limited Admin access but I am sure I can run it as a "standalone".

My biggest issue with my work computer is I need to be able to record the memory and CPU overall usage as a %, over a period of 4 to 6 hours. My boss is considering requesting upgraded computers, but I want to supply him with data from recordings when I am using my PC at my most load intensive parts of the day and when it is generally idle (at night - when/if I'm not remoted in). I know there is one post showing text you can change in the settings file to record CPU and it references the process can be done with memory but you need to use some different settings.

I am not new to programming and such but I am new to Rainmeter.

Can y'all tell me if there are some really simple plug-ins or processes I can use to record and review Memory% and CPU%. I do intend to start looking into Rainmeter and learning it myself, unfortunately, I have too many projects I need to get on in my GitHub account.

Thank You all - in advance
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Re: Recording and Reviewing Memory usage by % and CPU by %

November 12th, 2017, 9:46 pm
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Sounds like you are trying to log performance over some interval. Just my opinion, but Rainmeter is the wrong tool for that job. If you want to see what your CPU load it is NOW and show it on screen, then Rainmeter is a great way to do that. But from your description, that doesn't sound like that is what you want.

You can use VB.NET or C# to build a little program that will do this, and I'm sure there are a million ways to do with other tools too. You could even write a batch file that will run in a loop and build a file you could import into Excel.

Here's two ways to see your CPU load without using anything but Windows:

At a powershell prompt:
PS> Get-WmiObject win32_processor | select LoadPercentage
At a command prompt:
C:\> wmic cpu get loadpercentage

Powershell will give you more flexibility on the output, but either one will work. You can log memory usage in a similar manner. Google is your friend! :)
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