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Swiss-German (Züri-Dütsch)

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Swiss-German (Züri-Dütsch)

Matth » May 31st, 2017, 3:00 pm

I saw that a very important language is still missing so I thought I'll try to make a translation.

Would be cool to see it being added.

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// NewSkin dialog
#define STR_CREATENEWSKIN         "Mach e neui Huut"
#define STR_NEWSKIN               "Neui Huut"
#define STR_TEMPLATE              "Vorlag"
#define STR_TEMPLATEE             "Vorlag..."
#define STR_ADDFOLDER             "Ordner dazuefüege"
#define STR_ADDSKIN               "Huut dazufüege"
#define STR_RENAME                "Umbenänne"
#define STR_SAVENEWTEMPLATE       "Neui Vorlag speichere"
#define STR_SAVEDTEMPLATES        "Gspeichereti Vorlage"
#define STR_USEDEFAULTTEMPLATE    "Nimm d'Standard-Vorlag"

#define STR_CREATEFOLDERFAIL      "Han s'Verzeichnis %1 nöd chönne erstelle"
#define STR_CREATEFILEFAIL        "Han d'Datei %1 nöd chönne erstelle"
#define STR_FOLDEREXISTS          "S'Verzeichnis ""%1"" gits scho."
#define STR_FILEEXISTS            "D'Datei ""%1"" gits scho."
#define STR_RENAMEFOLDERFAIL      "S'Verzeichnis ""%1"" hät nöd chöne umbenennt wärde.\nFählercode: %2"
#define STR_RENAMEFILEFAIL        "D'Datei ""%1"" hät nöd chöne umbenennt wärde.\nFählercode: %2"
#define STR_FOLDERDELETE          "Bisch sicher dass das Verzeichnis lösche wotsch?\n%1"
#define STR_FILEDELETE            "Bisch sicher dass die Datei lösche wotsch?\n%1"
#define STR_FOLDERDELETEFAIL      "Chan das Verzeichnis nöd lösche:\n%1"
#define STR_FILEDELETEFAIL        "Chan die Datei nöd lösche:\n%1"
#define STR_TEMPLATEDOESNOTEXIST  "D'Vorlag ""%1"" gits nöd.\nWotsch dafür d'Standard-Vorlag näh?"
#define STR_TEMPLATEEXISTS        "D'Vorlag ""%1"" gits scho."
#define STR_TEMPLATEFOLDERFAIL    "Chan s'Vorlag-Verzeichnis nöd erstelle."
#define STR_TEMPLATEFILEFAIL      "Chan d'Vorlag-Datei nöd erstelle: %1"
#define STR_TEMPLATEDELETE        "Bisch sicher dass d'Vorlag ""%1"" lösche wotsch?"

#define STR_FAVORITES             "Favorite"
#define STR_NOFAVORITES           "Kei Favorite definiert"
#define STR_XASPERCENTAGE         "X als Prozäntsatz"
#define STR_YASPERCENTAGE         "Y als Prozäntsatz"
#define STR_TRANSPARENCY          "Durchsichtigkeit"
#define STR_CUSTOMSKINACTIONS     "Spezielli Huut Action"
#define STR_FAVORITE              "Favorite"
#define STR_MEASURES              "Mass"
#define STR_SOURCE                "Quällä"
#define STR_CREATERMSKIN          "Mach es .rmskin Paket"
#define STR_SHOWNOTIFAREAICON     "Bländ s'Taskleiste Symbol i"
#define STR_SETTINGSNOTWRITABLE   "Chan diä Istellige nöd abspeichere"
Let me know if something is missing.
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Re: Swiss-German (Züri-Dütsch)

jsmorley » May 31st, 2017, 3:19 pm

Is this Swiss German, Swiss Standard German or Zurich German?

Not sure that "very important" isn't a bit strong... Important in Switzerland no doubt. My take on it is that if it isn't supported in Google Translate then uhm... It's less important globally than Haitian Creole. Not sure how many native Haitian Creole speakers we have using Rainmeter, but my guess would be a low'ish number.

No disrespect intended. While the inclination would naturally be to say "the more the merrier", the problem is that any language we support has to be maintained as Rainmeter changes over time. It takes more than one person, who may tire of Rainmeter and go away, to keep things current. It takes some interest from the Rainmeter community, at least a few active people, or things just get out of date and broken. Nothing worse than the interface looking like a "pidgin language", only partially translated.
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Re: Swiss-German (Züri-Dütsch)

Matth » June 1st, 2017, 9:16 am

The very important part was sarcastic. Of course it's not. It was more meant as a funny option.

I don't know if there are any other fellow Swiss users, if so, hopefully they can confirm the translation or show their support.

And it is more Zurich-German (we have many different dialects in Switzerland), although in most regions it is quite similar.